Sentieri perduti

Series: Jan Dix

N°: 6

Frequency: Bimonthly

Sentieri perduti

Introduction: A picture stolen in a tragical night suddenly reappears in Canada!

Barcode: 977197445200390006

Release: 10/03/2009





Plot and script: Carlo Ambrosini
Artwork: Giéz
Cover: Carlo Ambrosini

Dix is visited by a charming Canadian woman. She asks him to reconstruct the mysterious route of a painting she used to own. After many years, it suddenly reappeared during an auction sale. The work vanished from her house, during the tragic night when her husband was killed by non-identified robbers, who burned down the house after entering in it. Jan goes to Canada, staying at the woman's place, to shed light on the unexpected intrigues beyond those dreadful events, and find out who killed her husband.