Morte di un pittore

Series: Jan Dix

N°: 1

Frequency: Bimonthly

Morte di un pittore

Introduction: A painting that can't exist! An investigation among art's mysteries awaits Jan Dix!

Barcode: 977197445200380001

Release: 10/05/2008





Plot, script, artwork and cover: Carlo Ambrosini

Annika Hermans, art expert from Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum and fiancée of Jan Dix, is sent a puzzling photograph: a priceless Vermeer painting fell in the hands of a group of Hungarian forgers. Dix goes to Budapest to ascertain the painting's authenticity, but when he gets there he's forced to admit that – while being a replica – the artwork can't be distinguished from the original... it looks like it's been painted by Vermeer himself, more than three centuries after his death! It won't be easy to shed light on a mystery whose solution seems more and more puzzling as the investigation goes on!