History of publishing house

History of publishing house
  • 2010


    Created by Pasquale Ruju, this eighteen issue miniseries follows the adventures of Raymond “Ray” Cassidy, a professional thief, specialized in robberies. Uses his skills to steal, but, following a personal "code of honor", leaves no innocent blood behind him. His “M.O.” is ruled by a strict and personal “code of honor”: Ray’s jobs are planned as commando operations, avoiding – unless he’s forced to – the involvment of the "civilians", as he refers to the law-abiding citizens. No shooting on civilians, no taking civilians as hostages – these are Ray’s rules.On the night of August 16, 1977 (the same night when the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, died in Graceland), Raymond Cassidy, after a robbery ended the wrong way, finds himself severely injured, on his Dodge riddled with bullets. He doesn’t know yet that he’s going to meet his fate...

  • 2011

    Shanghai Devil

    Shanghai, China, 1897. That’s the place where we find Ugo Pastore (the hero, and also the "heir" of the silver mask that belonged to Volto Nascosto) at the beginning of Shanghai Devil (a sequel to Volto Nascosto (2007)), the new 18 issues miniseries created by Gianfranco Manfredi. At the end of the 1800, Shanghai already is one of the main Asian ports, and Ugo moved here to help his father Enea in managing the Caput Mundi corporation. A place where the Western and Eastern cultures meet. And where they sometimes clash, due to the different tradition and customs and above all to the business – legal or not – of the many companies that fight for a dominant position in the spice and cloth trade, and also in the trade of less “noble” materials.It’s in this scenario that, seemingly out of the blue, a strange masked hero with a handgun enters the stage. The British call him Shanghai Devil and see him as one of their harshest enemies. The silver mask of Shanghai Devil is hiding none other than the young man from Rome, Ugo Pastore, who, faced with many injustices can only get involved, trying to right wrongs.

  • 2012


    The hero from the new bonellian series scripted by Bruno Enna, is a Navajo. Thorn Kitcheyan is his name, but he often goes by his nickname: Saguaro.
    Saguaro is a veteran of the Vietnam War, after being released toward the end of the hostilities for the wounds he suffered in action, our hero goes back to Window Rock, the capital town of the Navajo Nation, and finds the great reservation mainly unchanged: most of the Natives still live in poverty, the landowners still do what they want and the corporations exploit the lands notwithstanding the treaties, with the collusion of the local politicians. Due to the shady relations with the central government, the powers of the Navajo Tribal Police are restricted and the most important cases are entrusted to White federal agents who don’t know the reservation, the language and the local traditions. The vice-director of the Federal Bureau in Albuquerque, Clive Waters, through their mutual friend Art Parker, asks Saguaro to create a special unit, that will have its HQ next to the Tribal Council and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This way, Waters hopes to “communicate” with a complicated and closed world, that has its own codes and history, and an underground current of rage and desire for revenge. Saguaro, who lived with the White men for a long time and seems to have steered away from the Navajo “Way of Beauty”, will soon find out he needs to reckon with a painful past, the land he was born in, and, above all, his own conscience.

  • 2012

    le Storie

    The idea behind le Storie is to recover the spirit of the series of volumes Un Uomo un’Avventura: an accurate selection of the “best of”, that is the most appreciated and inventive authors, the most exotical settings and the most creative narrative solutions.
    A monthly series that tells everything upfront, already with its own name: each book will be a homage to the ancient art of storytelling, of evoking emotions, of the recreation of “mind sceneries” where we can roam without boundaries. And obviously, everything always under the sign of Adventure.This will be the “keyword” we’ll delve in each and every month, to explore all its nuances, up to its less straightforward elements. We will travel through space and time, through the “scenarios” provided by History and the alleys of unbounded fantasy, through jungles and deserts, but also inside the unfathomable mazes of the psyche, between genius and madness, love and revenge…

  • 2013


    After the good feedback received by the Dragonero Romanzo a Fumetti published in 2007, the character is promoted to a monthly series: Ian Aranill, a scout working for a powerful century old empire, aided by his fellowship- consisting of Gmor, a tall and sturdy Orc, Alben the wizard, Myrva the technocrat and Sera the elf from Frondascura- is the hero of a great fantasy saga. The story, created by the minds of Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti, takes place in the Erondàr, a fantastical world populated by wizards, elves, orcs, ghouls and the terrifng algenti!

  • 2013


    Orfani is the first series of our publishing house entirely in colour.
    Created by Roberto Recchioni and Emiliano Mammucari, it follows the adventures of a group of kids, all war orphans, trained to become the soldiers of the future and depicts how these soldiers will face a new world and an unknown enemy.
    The story develops on twin narrative tracks: the soldiers' past as kids and their present as warriors, in a continous shift between action scenes and moments of analysis. The strong continuity and the presence of color as an integral part of the book characterize the series giving it a distinctive trait in the bonellian publications roster.

  • 2014


    Structured as two twelve issues sagas, Lukas is a series created by Michele Medda and Michele Benevento. An "urban fantasy" bringing the readers to the streets of a big city, secretly controlled by the sect of the Reawakened – beings that came back from death – hungry for human flesh. But one Reawakened is different from all the others. He emerged from the grave with no past and no name: they call him Lukas. If he could completely remember his past, however, Lukas would not be searching for the light. On the contrary, he would go back to hiding, if he knew the reason of the fierce hunt that Wilda Belsen, the ruthless leader of the Reawakened, has unleashed against him.

  • 2014

    Adam Wild

    Adam Wild is a Scottish explorer, and a member of the Royal Geographical Society of London. He's is an action man, who lives his adventures in the heart of Black Africa, at the end of the XIX century. He is also (and mainly) a protector of the African people from the slave traders and the many new threats the natives are exposed to by the "civilization" of Africa: deliberately provoked tribal wars, the exploitation of the gold and diamond mines by the big Western companies, the defacement of their age-old traditions and lifestyle. Adam Wild is the latest comic book creature of Gianfranco Manfredi.

  • 2015

    Morgan Lost

    Morgan Lost is a serial-killer hunter and lives in a what is called a “uchronia”: a 1950s New York City, where the sky is peppered with dirigible airships, while the buildings show ancient Egyptian architectural features. The name of this city is New Heliopolis.
    Being color-blind, Claudio Chiaverotti's latest creatures, sees the reality around him in shades of grey and red only—the same colors of the pages of his comic-book series.

  • 2017

    Mercurio Loi

    Created by Alessandro Bilotta, Mercurio Loi is a full-color monthly series. The main character is an eccentric History teacher at Rome University, strolling through a strange and unpredictable Rome. It's 1825, a time when the Pope was king, and the characters in the city may look lunatic and strange to our "contemporary" eyes. It's an ideal breeding ground for a swarm of secret societies, dark conspirations, and shady types. Some of them will become Mercurio Loi's enemies, and he'll have to fight them with his mind and walking cane, in the streets, the vaults and the catacombs of papalist Rome!

  • 2017

    Il Commissario Ricciardi

    Commissioner Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi has an innate talent for police investigations, but he also possesses a gift that is a condemnation: since he was a child, he sees the ghosts of those who died a violent death, in their last living moments, with their last thoughts. 

    Ricciardi was created by novelist Maurizio de Giovanni and was instantly loved by the Italian readers. Translate his adventures in comic form was a real challenge, for Sergio Bonelli Editore. But a challenge we won!

  • 2017

    Dragonero Adventures

    Even the greatests of heroes have been childs. "Dragonero Adventures" tells the adventures of Ian, Myrva and Gmor when they were young daredevils always looking for troubles, from giant trolls to perfidious witches, from evil wizards to monsters of all genres!

    14 years-old Ian Aranill is in love with Adventure. He's a restless young man, a rebel who dreams a future as a great warrior!

  • 2017


    A young helpless Princess is held captive in an ice castle by a dangerous Snow Giant! But this is no problem: the problem is that this Princess has not yet received her membership card of the Adventure Club! A terrible shame that only the greatest party ever assembled can wash away: the 4Hoods!

  • 2017

    Creepy Past

    «It's all true, it's all true and I can't shut up any more. You could meet them anytime. They're already here!»

    The REM Foundation it's a well-known company for the research on sleep disorders. At REM, young Ester looks for a friend of her and an elusive monster-like creature. But at REM she also meet a boy who seems to know the answers to all her questions: who are the Creeps, really? Wraiths, monsters, ruthless killers... sick fantasies made up on the internet or real creatures who live in shadows, ready to take over the world?

  • 2019

    I bastardi di Pizzofalcone

    After a few agents have been arrested on drug related crimes, the Pizzofalcone squad is disbanded. A new chief - Luigi Palma - is brought in, along with four troubled agents: inspector Luigi Lojacono, Francesco Romano, Alessandro Di Narco and Marco Aragona. Pizzofalcone is their last chance to prove the world wrong, to prove they really are cops. Good cops.

    Born on the pages of the novels written by Maurizio de Giovanni, "the bastards of Pizzofalcone" get translated in comic form by the same team responsible for the great success of the adventures of commissioner Ricciardi.

  • 2019


    Odessa, a European city full of charme and history, has been transformed by a cosmic event beyond all imagination! "Day of the Fusion": this is the name given to the moment an alien ship abandoned the time-space continuum and melted with the city of Odessa. Now, hundreds of alien species coexist with humans under a protective dome generated by the ship itself. But that dome will not last forever...

  • ...the adventure continues!

    And with Odessa the publishing house chronicle ends, for now.
    The need to condense almost seventy years of publishing adventures without being too heavy or boring, forced us to make a very strict selection, so that many characters have not been included, even if sadly.
    Anyway we hope that this quick overview was of your interest and that it maybe even surprised you, like it surprised us, the fact that some of these heroes of the past that we were about to forget stil have extraordinary modern traits.
    An additional proof of the creative capabilities of the comic book medium, a mature art form that is ready to face the challenges of a difficult future, on the basis of the great quality that has become, in all these years, the trademark of Sergio Bonelli Editore.