History of publishing house

History of publishing house
  • 2000


    What is the mystery surrounding the birth of Harlan Draka? Who is his father? Why has he always felt different from other guys, who used to call him "the Devil's son" and "blood of spells"? It is during a war that Harlan discovers his true nature. By coming face to face with horror, he discovers he is a Dampyr (or rather, the only Dampyr existing on our planet), and little by little he learns to avail himself of his extraordinary powers, which turn out to be of crucial importance in his struggle against the terrible Maestri della Notte, a family of super-predators each of which has its own hunting grounds and its own pack of non-dead, human beings transformed into vampires and reduced to slavery. This most recent Bonellian series, with Plot and script by Mauro Boselli and Maurizio Colombo, seeks to evoke the dark, brooding horror story atmosphere, laced with magic and the supernatural, but blended with the harsh swift pace of modern action cinema. Shivers down the spine and a pounding heartbeat are definitely in store for those who choose to follow Harlan's adventures…

  • 2001

    Gregory Hunter

    In the tradition of the great "historic" protagonists of our Publishing House (Tex and Zagor, above all), here is a modern protagonist who once again lives a life of Adventure with a capital A. But who is Gregory? Well, the title of the first album already says it all. Gregory belongs to a special corps (the Space Rangers, obviously) that upholds law and justice in a cosmos crammed full of aliens and dire threats of all kinds. In this amazing environment, human beings - the only ones in possession of the secret of hyperspatial motion that lets you travel faster than the speed of light - are a dominating power. A new Frontier, in other words, that calls for men who will shrink at nothing and endowed with enormous experience. And then there's another "character" - yes it's a veritable character although it's only a mechanical object - namely Gregory and Badger's space ship, the "Jolly Roger". Superfast and equipped with a short retractable tower armed with small cannons, the "Jolly Roger" is the only fixed scenario of our heroes' stories, as they travel constantly from one planet to another. And of course, there's no lack of baddies… from Kraken's ruthless star hunters to fiendish criminals who hold sway over entire planets. Gregory will find himself in dire straits quite a few times in endeavouring to re-establish justice so that he can start off again, together with Badger, on his never-ending peregrinations around the cosmos in search of a way to free himself of the curse that weighs heavily on his shoulders...

  • 2005

    Brad Barron

    A hero who has to run away from an implacable foe (the alien race of the Morbs) while desperately trying to find his family, who disappeared during that day in 1956 when the extraterrestrials invaded the Earth. The world where Brad Barron's leading characters act is a place of arrested development, due to the strategic blocking of communication by the alien army. No air transport, neither civil or military, can take off without being shot by the powerful weapons of the Morb spaceships. A 16-issue miniseries, created and written by Tito Faraci, Brad Barron is a homage to many narrative genres— western, war tales, horror, hard-boiled, existential drama, and "on the road" adventure. And, obviously, sci-fi, too!

  • 2006


    His name is whispered in awe in Marseilles back alleys, and in many Mediterranean ports. He's feared by criminals, respected and admired by the people he saved the life of. His strange purple eyes are seemingly able to see the thoughts of the people he talks to, and they can make who has a guilty conscience feel uneasy. His past is mostly a mystery, but his body carries a permanent mark of previous experiences. On Demian's chest, just above the heart, there's a scar in the shape of a sword: someone says it's the crest of a legendary knights' class, called “Fraternité”, that Demian could be a member of... An 18-issue miniseries, written by Pasquale Ruju, telling Demian's adventures, in a dark, hard-boiled atmosphere, going from Marseilles to wherever justice is needed.

  • 2007

    Romanzi a Fumetti Bonelli

    "Dragonero", a fantasy story by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti, illustrated by Giuseppe Matteoni, unveils the series Romanzi a Fumetti Bonelli, consisting of lengthy selfstanding stories, to be read without breathing. Epic stories, created by different authors each time, presenting characters that live their story in the span of the 300 something pages length of each volume. Stories ranging many genres, getting inspiration from war stories to thriller, from scifi to historical adventures, from crime to fantasy.
  • 2007

    Volto nascosto

    A mysterious warrior whose face is covered by a silver mask is the head of a marauders' band, made of men from several African people – who see their chief not only a leader, but also a living legend; a fighter that, during the war, will become the right hand man of Taitù, Queen of Ethiopia. Who's hiding behind that mask? What's in his past, to make him so special and adored? Maybe young Italian Ugo Pastore will find out the truth, in a 14-issue miniseries, written by Gianfranco Manfredi, that will take the reader in late XIX-century Rome and Eritrea, where we'll meet fascinating and tormented characters such as Count Vittorio De Cesari and Lady Matilde Sereni.

  • 2008

    Jan Dix

    Dutchman Jan Dix isn’t your classic investigator. His specialty is not solving cases of murder or robbery: he looks for, recovers, buys and gives expertise on any kind of artworks, paintings, sculptures, artifacts and architectonical structures. He’s a consultant for the renowned Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, the place where is employed Annika: Jan and the girl have been living together for many years now, in a rollercoaster sort of a love story. It’s his “fiancée” to involve Dix, the hero created by Carlo Ambrosini, in his researches on the museum’s behalf, sending him everywhere in the world, to look for some pieces or information about their origin and creators.

  • 2008


    Lilith is a chronoagent, who's been sent back in time by the mysterious Mandanti to kill famous historical characters, as well as common people. Her travels, with “Lo Scuro” on her side, are not aimed to modify the course of History, but to wipe away a breed of men who are possessed by an alien parasite – called Triacanto –, a "spiromorph" that in a distant future will cause a mass slaughter on our Planet. Lilith doesn't kill randomly. There's a line that goes on through time, marking certain individuals. These individuals are unwittingly carrying the parasite; once Lilith has located it, she makes the Triacanto visible, then gives it a body and extracts it from her victims' corpses to annihilate it.

  • 2009


    One day, in the town of Nest Point, strange, unsettling clouds appear in the sky… after a few minutes, black out! No electrical power, phones do not work, cars abruptly stop. What's appened? A terrorist attack? The attack from an enemy country? An invasion from space? Suddenly, as it all started, everything ends, but Nest Point is cutoff from the rest of the world! It's dawn when an army motorcade enters the town with the order to evacuate: all of the town's inhabitants must leave their homes and get away with their own means for reasons of  “national safety”. Twenty four hours later a sea of cars leaves the town and for the Nest Point convoy a trip towards the unknown begins... this, in a nutshell, the grounds of the 12 episodes miniseries created by Michele Medda.
  • 2009


    The 12 issues miniseries, created by Antonio Serra e Gianmauro Cozzi, takes us at the end of nineteenth century. Robert Greystorm is the only son of a very rich english noble man. A genius in mechanics and engineering since a very early age, Robert, stubborn and proud, milks every last penny of the heritage left him by his parent to try and bring to completion his futuristic plans. During his college years, he meets Jason Howard, another heir to an even wealthier family. This experience will bring him to make discoveries that will forever alter his life and will steer him towards extreme choices. Radical decisions that will make him a terrible enemy for Jason and the whole of humanity…