Il matrimonio di Sergej Orloff

Series: Martin Mystère

N°: 330

Il matrimonio di Sergej Orloff

Introduction: The Detective of the Impossible is in a catatonic state: why has his mind suddenly close to the outer world?

Barcode: 977112157900330330

Release: 11/12/2013





Martin Mystère is in a clinic, in a catatonic condition, and he doesn’t react to any stimulus. His brilliant and inquisitive mind appears to be utterly lifeless, cut off from the world, and the doctors have no hope for a recovery. Diana and Java are distraught, but don’t give up on him and continue to visit Martin, looking for something that could spark his interest for the world once again. All their efforts are useless, though. What happened to the Detective of the Impossible? What plunged him in that condition? The answer is to be found in Switzerland, on the day that should have marked a turnaround in the life of his former enemy Sergej Orloff. A day when the past forcefully resurfaced, instead, and a tragedy happened. The fateful day of Orloff’s wedding!