Dylan Dog Gigante 18

N°: 18

Dylan Dog Gigante 18

Introduction: A journey between life and death, a cockroach infestation, a strange village you can’t flee and a little friend to save…

Barcode: 977112365600990018

Release: 06/11/2009





Cover: Angelo Stano

Il vecchio che legge

Plot, Script e Artwork: Fabio Celoni

On the tracks of an old man who vanished into thin air, Dylan gets lost in an incredible journey to the extreme border of life, in between the dreams and nightmares, the hopes and regrets of somebody who, after reaching his last days, still carries on his conscience a huge weight that, just like an anchor, keeps him in a world he doesn’t belong to anymore.


Plot and script: Giovanni Gualdoni
Artwork: Franco Saudelli

A new nightmare for the eponymous investigator, who this time has to fight an invasion of very aggressive and intelligent cockroaches. Asking some professional exterminators for help appears to be the only choice, but this idea will reveal itself as a huge mistake, with deadly consequences…


Plot and script: Paola Barbato
Artwork: Bruno Brindisi

A dark and stormy night, a thunder and a scream. It’s with a rather trite beginning that this new spine-chilling adventure starts for the Craven Road dweller, prisoner in a village whose citizens hide a terrible secret. Dylan and Groucho will have to uncover it, if they’re to escape alive from town.

Per una rosa

Plot and script: Giovanni Di Gregorio
Artwork: Piero Dall’Agnol

While going back home, Dylan’s WV Beetle once again leaves him stranded in the middle of nowhere. It’s a surreal place where soon the first of a series of unbelievable characters will appear: a strange boy who tames foxes and asks Dylan to draw him a sheep…