Almanacco della Paura 2012

Series: Almanacco della Paura

N°: 22

Almanacco della Paura 2012

Introduction: Time of phone-in voting for Dylan Dog: who will be the winner? The Nightmare Investigator or... Death!

Barcode: 977112262635520114

Release: 23/03/2012

Price: 8,50






Plot and script: Roberto Recchioni e Mauro Uzzeo
Artwork: Bruno Brindisi
Cover: Angelo Stano

While he’s in the audience of a talent show where his new fiancée is taking part in, the Dweller of Craven Road is taken as a hostage by an armed terrorist group that seizes the TV studio. They just want the show to go on, but this time each “elimination” will happen in the literal sense!