Almanacco della Paura 1995

Series: Almanacco della Paura

N°: 5

Almanacco della Paura 1995

Introduction: Dylan Dog in a brand-new 94-page story: "L'uccisore di mostri". Everything about the movies, books and videos. Alice Coopers, rock demon. E.C. Comics, horror in comic strip format. Zombie Dossier: The challenge of the living dead. 176 pages of Chilling Thrills and Terror!

Barcode: 977112262600350012

Release: 01/04/1995





L’uccisore di mostri
Plot and Script: Claudio Chiaverotti
Artwork: Luigi Siniscalchi
Cover: Angelo Stano

A trip down to Hell for just a few days, to see what happens down there amid the most atrocious ordeals… It’s happened to him, the murderer with the stiletto! That’s why he has come out of his coma ready for the kill; he has seen the real nature of the monsters, those that walk among men. And he must destroy them! But his mind has become mysteriously bound up with that of Marianne and now she’s living through the same nightmare as him, now she’s a dangerous witness…