Almanacco della Paura 1996

Series: Almanacco della Paura

N°: 6

Almanacco della Paura 1996

Introduction: Dylan Dog in a brand-new 94-page story: "Il mondo perduto". Horror year: ". Everything about the movies, books, videos and records. Mario Bava: the witchdoctor of Italian cinema. The books spiked with blood by Clive Barker. The magic nightmares of Dino Battaglia. 176 pages of Specters and Terror!

Barcode: 977112262600360018

Release: 01/04/1996





Il mondo perduto
Plot and Script: Luigi Mignacco
Artwork: Montanari & Grassani
Cover: Angelo Stano

Walter Watson has an existence that is suffocated by normality. Within his mind, a silent rebellion is boiling up, and the energies of madness are accumulating, ready to explode into a veritable bloodbath. They are everywhere, they are laying siege to him with the slimy tentacles, they are monsters and corpses that have to be fought with every available means… Walter has to flee towards another world, and only Dylan Dog can show him the way!