Almanacco della Paura 1994

Series: Almanacco della Paura

N°: 4

Almanacco della Paura 1994

Introduction: Dylan Dog in two new complete stories: "Risvegli" and "C'era una volta…". Horror year: everything about the books, movies, videos, music. Witches. The Grand Guignol. The werewolf dossier: the children of the full moon. 176 pages of Horror, Chilling Thrills and Terror!

Barcode: 006100100006100006

Release: 01/04/1994





Plot and Script: Tiziano Sclavi
Artwork: Ugolino Cossu
Cover: Angelo Stano

Wife, husband and lover. A classic triangle and a classic murderous plot. However, something unexpected is rising against the backdrop of the English countryside; a shapeless being, driven by an ancestral hunger, is awakening from a prolonged sleep… In one single night, Dylan will meet bungling murderers, impossible resurrections, betrayals and double-crossing. A noir saraband about to dissolve in the bowels of the monster.

C’era una volta…
Plot and Script: Michele Medda
Artwork: Luigi Piccatto

Little Red Riding Hood crosses the wood followed by the whispering of the night-time wind, but a blood-thirsty monster is close behind her shoulders and is just waiting for the right moment to gobble her up. Luckily, she has met Dylan Dog, and together with him, she is able to get back safe and sound to her grandmother’s home… And meet death!