Agente speciale Alfa - Nathan Never 01 cover

Series: Nathan Never

N°: 1

Agente speciale Alfa

Barcode: 977112157300100001

Release: 01/06/1991





Plot and script: Antonio Serra
Artwork: Claudio Castellini
Cover Illustration: Claudio Castellini

The brainy Eric Kleeman (gifted with a brain like a computer data bank) flees from Nathan Never, taking with him a stole program which frees the androids from the laws of robotics, turning them into murderers. After killing his ‘fence, Kleeman delivers the program to the evil Aristotle Skotos. The android C-09, a witness to the murder, sets off with Nathan Never to track Kleeman down. They find him on a boat full of modified androids. But Nathan also finds Kal Skotos, Aristotle’s son, wating for him with his deadly monomolecular cable...

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