Le lacrime di Frankenstein

Series: Napoleone

N°: 28

Frequency: Bimonthly

Le lacrime di Frankenstein

Barcode: 977112579600020028

Release: 15/03/2002





Subject, script and artwork: Paolo Bacilieri
Cover Illustration: Carlo Ambrosini

A re-evocation in period costume of life at Villa Diodati, the Swiss residence of Lord Byron where the monstrous creature Frankenstein first saw the light… A clinic specialized in transplanting organs of illicit provenance… A doting son who dismembers his parents in the cellar of his own home, only to recompose them into a single organism, the ideal family he’d always wanted… Napoleone, this time, has to get to grips with a full-blown Gothic adventure, while the three indefatigable little Spirits Lucrezia, Caliendo and Scintillone give a hand to Barone Victor Von Frankenstein’s hapless monster, to help him defeat enemies that are much, oh so much more terrifying than himself!