Verrà un'orda straniera

Series: Gea

N°: 15

Frequency: semestral

Verrà un'orda straniera

Introduction: The battle between mankind and the enemy race is rising to fever pitch! Gea seems almost powerless when confronted with the fierceness of the demoniacal attack…

Release: 08/06/2006





Subject, script, artwork and Cover: Luca Enoch

The Great Gate has been destroyed and Gea, exhausted by the huge effort, has slipped into a coma and is being watched over by the Heavy Ones. But the Enemy Race’s army, which has managed to penetrate into our world, is gigantic. The military organizations of all nations are on high alert and they gather to work out a common front or joint defense. Without the aid of any technology, the enemy troops will launch a massive and highly destructive attack against the human race. The great cities, including Gea’s, will be the first targets of this offensive designed to achieve total extermination of mankind. The invaders’ crucial weapon will strike our technology at the very cornerstone of the whole of its structure – electric power – and will cause it to collapse. Gea, shattered and weakened, will be hardly able to contemplate anything but saving her dearest friends and will be compelled to watch helplessly as this dramatic first phase of the hostilities unfolds: the Second Great War between men and the “devils” has broken out.