La rottura del sigillo

Series: Gea

N°: 13

Frequency: semestral

La rottura del sigillo

Introduction: The bulwarks guided by Gea are preparing for the final showdown with the Diva and her acolytes!

Release: 10/06/2005





Subject, script, artwork and Cover: Luca Enoch

In front of Gea’s home a crowd of Irregulars, the alien entities that live secretly on the Earth, have started lining up. Why have they chosen to defy fate by materializing voluntarily in the presence of a Bulwark, the authority in charge of ferreting them out and deporting them back to Limbo? Well, they’re here to turn themselves in, and returning to Limbo is the one thing they really want at this particular time! The reason for their strange behavior is simple: a rumor has spread through the community about the horrifying catastrophe that is about to be unleashed on our planet! And so here are Gea and her companions, guided on this occasion by the most powerful Bulwarks of them all, the Barefoot Bulwarks, getting ready for the final showdown with the Diva, in the attempt to stop the Arconte before it manages to complete its mission: to break the seal!