Il libro dei segreti svelati

Series: Gea

N°: 12

Frequency: semestral

Il libro dei segreti svelati

Introduction: An extremely powerful esoteric work ends up in the hands of a makeshift witchdoctor: will Gea be in time to stop the “moon magician” before he triggers the Apocalypse?

Release: 11/11/2004




Subject, script and artwork: Luca Enoch

Osvaldo Malaspina ekes out a living by reading the future for gullible individuals and prescribing love potions to young ladies. The “moon magician” as he likes to call himself makes a curious discovery as he rummages around in his dusty cellar: he finds he possesses the ancient magic “book of uncovered secrets”. The esoteric work contains the instructions for creating a threshold between the universe of man and that of the Enemy Race, moving our planet dangerously close to the advent of the Apocalypse. Gea and her companion bulwarks begin a race against time to retrieve the book, before their enemies put out their claws to snatch it, signaling the end of the human reign on Earth…