Il Figlio del Tuono

Series: Gea

N°: 9

Frequency: semestral

Il Figlio del Tuono

Introduction: Once the Diva discovers the real nature of the Son of Thunder she’ll do whatever it takes to seize control of the boy and awaken his consciousness…

Release: 06/06/2003




Script, Artwork and Cover: Luca Enoch

A double menace for Gea! The Diva, her bitter enemy, evokes an enormous griffin to hound her down. Meanwhile, a circus troupe arrives in town, and the performers have a weird and surprising convoy of freaks in tow – aliens, carried along on our world by dimensional energy flows and collected together by the fairground spieler, who parades them in front of the spectators as part of his traveling show. In their midst stands a strange silent boy, with noble features and a polite manner, unaware of his nature…