L'isola del non ritorno

Series: Brendon

N°: 64

Frequency: Bimonthly

L'isola del non ritorno

Introduction: A place shrouded in a perennial mist, a strange island that seems to have swallowed young Flower…

Barcode: 977112688700480064

Release: 12/12/2008





Plot and script: Claudio Chiaverotti
Artwork: Alessandro Vitti
Cover: Massimo Rotundo

There’s an island, shrouded in mist, where a disquieting community lives… People whisper that the place is home to a circle of witches practicing ancient and cruel rites, human sacrifices for the rebirth of soul… Maybe that’s the place where young Flower is, after disappearing from New Haven without a trace. Brendon is determined to find the girl, but he risks to fall in the vortex of the mysteries surrounding the island nobody ever came back from!