In fondo al male - Dylan Dog 351 cover

Series: Dylan Dog

N°: 351

Frequency: monthly

In fondo al male

Introduction: The essence of Evil is nested in the depths of human heart...

Barcode: 977112158000950351

Release: 27/11/2015

Price: 4,40





Fiona entrusts Dylan Dog with an investigation on the murder of her friend, Molly, that took place in Port Frost. Molly had been ostracized by the people of her own village because of her free and uninhibited ways. After going to the Scottish coastal town, that is linked to an old legend, the Craven Road dweller immediately realizes that the place is imbued with a ghastly atmosphere full of hatred, and this might soon lead to some catastrophic event. A story that will force Dylan and Fiona to face the very reasons for Evil, a force that seems nested in the depths of human hearts.