L'ultimo arcano Dylan Dog Collezione Book 234

Series: Collezione Book

N°: 234

Frequency: monthly

L'ultimo arcano

Introduction: What is it that awaits Dylan Dog, for whom fate has reserved the card of "the last arcane" ?

Barcode: 977112436000450234

Release: 12/11/2015

Price: 4,90





For thousands of years, Tarot cards have been considered the ideal instrument to break down the barriers of time. Each card is a key capable of opening the door that separates us from the future, and to enlighten us as to whether our dreams – of love, wealth, happiness – have a chance of coming true in any of our tomorrows. Dylan discovers that sometimes the Tarot cards can play strange tricks: they can throw the door wide open onto the very worst of infernos and transform our hopes into horrible nightmares!

Saturday 25 February 2006

Tuesday 20 January 2009