Speciale Dampyr n° 11

Series: Speciale Dampyr

N°: 11

Frequency: annual

Il libro del tempo perduto

Introduction: If you were allowed to, would you read the future chapters of your life?

Barcode: 977182643800150011

Release: 22/10/2015





Although slowly, five times more slowly than human beings, in the end dampyrs get old, too. In a night full of misteries, a night still lost in the future, a greying Harlan Draka, in an increasingly more dusty antiquarian bookshop, in a more and more arcane and magic Prague, remembers his life companions: the people he saw falling along the way, the people that left him alone, one way or another. Do you want to know how will Kurjak die? And Arno Lotsari? And Ann Jurging? And what will happen when young Ljuba, now fully grown up, will realize there was another her, Lisa, who was loved by Harlan? When Charles Moore, Lord Mordha's son, gets to know about his "dampyr powers", will he choose to join the fight against the Masters of the Night? If Harlan's friendly foe Nikolaus is fired and forced to leave Prague, what about the spoks in the beer-garden?... And how will the last page of Harlan Draka's life look like? if you want answers, open the book... In the end, when you know all the facts, maybe those facts can still change...