Speciale Dampyr n° 12 cover

Series: Speciale Dampyr

N°: 12

Frequency: annual

La porta dell'Inferno

Introduction: A rather dangerous way to plunge into Dante's Divine Comedy...

Barcode: 977182643800160012

Release: 22/10/2016





Geryon, Charon, Lucifer, the infernal circles and the sinners who suffer terrible pains... While they’re on Dante and Virgilio’s tracks, our heroes also cross the threshold of eternal damnation. And there, looking at all that horror, they really are on the verge of abandoning all hope. But Harlan & Kurjak will prove to be indomitable once again. They will suffer torment, death and torture, they will cross the Acheron and Styx, until they’ll get to the frozen lake at the bottom of the infernal abyss. And then... how will they be able to come back and behold the stars again?...