Le miniere di Canaan

Series: Tex Tre Stelle

N°: 619

Frequency: monthly

Le miniere di Canaan

Introduction: In wild Sonora, a new, scary enemy arrives...

Barcode: 977112253300450619

Release: 25/08/2015





Plot and script: Mauro Boselli
Artwork: Ernesto Garcia Seijas
Cover: Claudio Villa

The self-appointed Colonel Ramos, owner of the copper mines in Canaan, where he uses Native slaves as workers, rules a faraway portion of Sonora. Tex finds out that Lieutenant Castillo and his small garrison of “rurales” cannot do much to stop Ramos and his 100 gunmen, but promises to help them. But first, along with his Navajos, he must help the Zuni go back to their villages in the mountains. And a new, unforeseen threat will unravel his plans...

Tuesday 8 May 2012