Le cronache di Marte - Il tallone di ferro

Series: Universo Alfa

N°: 16

Frequency: half-yearly

Le cronache di Marte - Il tallone di ferro

Introduction: A rebel gladiator, Dagan, is ready to spark the Martian insurrection!

Barcode: 977197325400450016

Release: 16/05/2015

Price: 7,90





At the peak of the ruthless Pretorian and Primaspecie tyranny, only a handful of brave rebels, who escaped Cydonia maximum security prison, risk their all to fight the evil oligarchs. Meanwhile, Dagan “The King”, the hero of the fighting arena, becomes increasingly more popular with the Martian people, transforming into a champion for the oppressed and a dangerous sparkle that could ignite a devastating insurrection on the whole planet.