Maxi Tex n° 18

Series: Maxi Tex

N°: 18

Frequency: annual

Maxi Tex n° 18

Introduction: Among renegades, Utes on the warpath and settlers' wagon trains to protect, the situation for Tex is getting explosive!

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 340

Barcode: 977182645700240018

Release: 03/10/2014





A band of soldiers at the orders of Captain Spencer ruthlessly do in their comrades-in-arms to put their hands on their wages. To conceal their tracks, the renegades take refuge in an abandoned outpost in the middle of the Indian land. While they’re following the trail of the deserters, Tex and Tiger meet several wagon trails full of defenseless settlers who are going to California, and rebel Utes on the warpath, led by Bear Claw and Chief Saguah. The situation becomes explosive for the Ranger and his pards’, while hunger and madness are spreading among the renegade soldiers!