Concorrenza sleale

Series: Collezione Book

N°: 220

Frequency: monthly

Concorrenza sleale

Introduction: A feisty and strong-willed neighbor, who will stop at nothing if she can steal some of Dylan Dog's customers!

Barcode: 977112436000440220

Release: 11/09/2014

Price: 4,90





Debbie Doyle - beautiful, rich and intelligent - has decided to pinch some customers from the Investigator of Nightmares, and is quite prepared to stoop to unfair competition in order to get her own way. Not only has she opened an office of her own in Craven Road where she charges a fee of ninety pounds a day plus expenses (ten pounds less than Dylan’s fee!), but Debbie also makes use of state-of-the-art technology for her investigations. For the first time, our hero finds himself contending with a far more dangerous enemy than zombies, vampires, werewolves and a sundry array of monstrosities. An extremely bellicose and ruthless rival, who is determined to expropriate him from his hunting grounds: Nightmares!

Thursday 23 December 2004

Wednesday 21 November 2007