La decima vittima

Series: Collezione Book

N°: 219

Frequency: monthly

La decima vittima

Introduction: The secret to avert yet one more gruesome murder is hidden among the pages of a book that causes the violent death of whoever reads it!

Barcode: 977112436000440219

Release: 14/08/2014

Price: 4,90





A series of gruesome murders threatens to afflict Inspector Bloch with sleepless nights. One corpse is found butchered with multiple nail stabbings, another devoured by a horde of rats, but the escalation of horrors continues with the discovery of further bodies: decapitated, scalped, hanged, burned alive… A book turns out to be the recurrent element in each of these murders. A book with no title, decorated by a spiral motif on the cover. Each of the victims has leafed through its pages… The secret of the whole affair is concealed between the lines of the work, and Dylan has to discover it ASAP if he wants to stop his dearest friend from becoming “The tenth victim”…

Saturday 27 November 2004

Saturday 20 October 2007