Maxi Zagor n°21

Series: Maxi Zagor

N°: 21

Frequency: semestral

Maxi Zagor n°21

Introduction: A scientist lost in the "Land-of-no-coming-back"!

Barcode: 977182645300440021

Release: 17/01/2014





Spedizione di soccorso

Summoned by a colleague, naturalists Kruger and Mayer go back to Darkwood after many years. Professor Kranack settled in Munrowhill, a town at the edge of the "Land-of-no-coming-back", an area populated with mutant animals and plants that the scientist wants to study. Alas, the Spirit-with-the-Hatchet knowns all too well the dangers of that territory and he was barely able to survive it in the past. Zagor choses to accompany the two reserchears, trying at the same time to dissuade Kranack from facing the perils of that cursed zone. When their expedition arrives to Munrowhill, the scientist has already left... and nobody heard from him ever since. With the help of the adventurer, Staggler, the King of Darkwood decides to arrange a rescue mission— but it won’t be easy, since Kranack apparently made an important and valuable scientific discovery in that infernal land, and this is appealing also to some disreputable people...