Rapporto confidenziale

Series: Cassidy

N°: 12

Frequency: monthly

Rapporto confidenziale

Introduction: Raymond Cassidy’s secrets are held by Senator Howlag!

Barcode: 977203772800410012

Release: 08/04/2011





Plot and script: Pasquale Ruju
Artwork: Fabio Valdambrini
Cover: Alessandro Poli

Clayton and Foster are tough guys: faithful, tenacious and untiring Federal agents... two real “bulldogs”! And now, the powerful Senator Howlag decided to give them a present: and old report that could shed light on the dark past of the man they’re after. Who is Raymond Cassidy? A good family man? A war hero? A deserter? An outlaw? In those pages, the two agents will find some answers... and more than a few surprises!