Ucciderò Jesse James

Series: Magico Vento

N°: 119

Frequency: Bimonthly

Ucciderò Jesse James

Introduction: To get to Hogan, Magico Vento relies on Pinkerton’s informers... but n unknown killer is murdering them, one after another...

Barcode: 977112567200780119

Release: 19/11/2008

Price: 4,40





Plot: Gianfranco Manfredi e Renato Queirolo
Script:Renato Queirolo Artwork: Bruno Ramella
Cover: Corrado Mastantuono

Ned and Poe follow their hunt for Hogan, and in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, they could find crucial information, thanks to a Pinkerton agent who’s connected with Henry Task. But the man fails to meet our friends at the agreed time: somebody brutally got rid of him, somebody who’s systematically eliminating a group of members of the investigation Agency. Men serving the law who are seemingly linked not only by their badges, but also by a blood-stained past they tried to forget...