Vincitori e vinti

Series: Brad Barron

N°: 18

Frequency: monthly

Vincitori e vinti

Introduction: The time is now - it's the time of the final showdown between Brad Barron and the Morb invaders!

Barcode: 977182524600360018

Release: 06/10/2006





Subject and script: Tito Faraci
Artwork: Giovanni Bruzzo, Fabio Celoni, Bruno Brindisi
Cover: Fabio Celoni

The saga of Brad Barron has reached its epilogue! In the Morbs' mother-spacecraft, which is ensconced amid the rubble of Manhattan, Brad confronts his most powerful and dangerous enemy, in the hope of finding and rescuing his wife and daughter. Meanwhile, hidden truths surface from the past, truths that have lain hidden for too long, and they give new meaning to the struggle between Brad and the Morbs.