L'Arca ritrovata

Series: Tutto Martin Mystère

N°: 106

Frequency: monthly

L'Arca ritrovata

Release: 01/02/1998





Subject and script writer : Alfredo Castelli
Artwork: Alessandro Chiarolla/Gino Vercelli
Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

The tomb of Moses and his treasure hide an incredible discovery, which reveals unexpected links between the Old Testament stories and the legend of the Holy Graal. It is Martin who, after completing his investigation in the Middle East, begins a new adventure which takes us into the world of dreams, and that sees the return of the most diabolical enemy the Detective of the Impossible has ever faced : Mr. Jinx !

In this number : from page 5 to page 43, “Un uomo chiamato Mhosis”, by Castelli and Chiarolla. From page 44, “La maledizione di Kunanjun”, by Castelli and Vercelli.

Tuesday 1 January 1991