L'ultima sentinella

Series: Gregory Hunter

N°: 17

Frequency: monthly

L'ultima sentinella

Introduction: A gigantic mechanical being awakens from a thousand-year sleep, while the clash with the terrible space pirates is coming to an end!

Release: 20/07/2002





Subject: Antonio Serra
Script-writer: Stefano Vietti - Alberto Ostini
Artwork: Andrea Artusi, Patrizia Mandanici, Antonella Platano e Elena Pianta
Cover: Elena Pianta

While Gregory concludes the description of his dramatic love story, the fierce space pirates our hero and his faithful companion of adventure Badger were chasing start to make preparations to kill him. The final battle among the abominable Black Asteroids is decided by the re-awakening of a mechanical being created at the time of the ancient lost empire: for centuries this being has been waiting motionless for the moment when it can complete its mission... This album also brings to a conclusion the monthly publication of our Ranger’s adventures, and for the occasion you will get another chance to meet up again with a whole host of old friends: the Wandering Monk, the ghost Brynner, and… loads loads more!