Mercanti di schiavi

Series: Speciale Tex

N°: 17

Mercanti di schiavi

Introduction: There’s sordid trafficking going on along the dusty trails of New Mexico, at the expense of the weakest among the weak… That’s why the justice meted out by Tex Willer and Kit Carson will be absolutely uncompromising!

Barcode: 977112156168830017

Release: 24/06/2003





Plot and script: Claudio Nizzi
Artwork and Cover: Manfred Sommer

Gallows-birds like Pablo Méndez will stop at nothing, if there’s the prospect of earning a good handful of pesos… Not even kidnapping children to sell them on as cheap labor is repugnant to their accursed soul! But, the idea of kidnapping Juanito and two friends of his who were staying at the San Juan mission turns out to be anything but a sound business deal. The point is that Father Mateo, who’s in charge of the mission, plucks up his courage and calls on Tex and Carson for help…

Tuesday 19 February 2013