Terrore senza nome

Series: Speciale Nathan Never

N°: 18

Terrore senza nome

Introduction: The ghost town of Plymouth is roamed by creatures hunting for human preys!

Barcode: 977112366000680018

Release: 11/12/2008





Plot and script: Stefano Vietti
Artwork: Paolo Di Clemente
Cover: Roberto De Angelis

Plymouth, a once-lively and prosperous city in the heart of the Country, now degraded to the rank of “ghost town”. But beyond its apparent quietness and its deserted buildings, something is lurking in the darkness of the sewers tunnels and in the alleys: monster creatures looking for a prey to satisfy their hunger… Nathan, accidentally arrived in the city during a simple customary mission, tries to save his life, along with a couple of misfits: he’ll find that the strange graffiti on some walls seem able to keep those creatures away…