Cico & Company

Series: Speciali Cico/racc.1

N°: 27

Frequency: annual

Cico & Company

Introduction: This time Cico won’t be causing mischief all alone, since he’ll be helped by six quaint friends!

Barcode: 977112488400570027

Release: 30/03/2007





Plot and script: Moreno Burattini
Artwork: Francesco Gamba
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

Gathered together for the first time ever, six exhilarating friends of Cico’s will help the Mexican during his impossible mission throughout the most dangerous land of the Frontier: woods bristling with cruel Indians, mountains ridden by bandits, rivers full of scary whitewaters! Cico is joined by Trampy, the most sympathetic con man in all Northern America; Drunky Duck, Darkwood’s Indian postman; Digging Bill, the trasure seeker; Bat Batterton, the most improbable detective; Icaro La Plume, inclined to build strange flying machines; and Archimedes Zweinstein, the crazy inventor. If Cico alone is more than enough to cause a series of disasters, what will be the outcome of the combined group of six?