Una nuova vita

Series: Mister No

N°: 379

Una nuova vita

Introduction: For Mister No the time has come to say goodbye to his readers, after thirty-one years of hair-raising adventures!

Barcode: 977112157700960379

Release: 02/12/2006





Subject and script: Guido Nolitta
Artwork: Domenico and Stefano Di Vitto, Roberto Diso
Cover: Roberto Diso

One last, mournful night in Manaus. Rain is falling and, to the notes of My funny Valentine", Mister No bids farewell to his friends for ever. At the first light of dawn, Jerry Drake will climb up into his piper, take off and, looking down from on high at a city that has by now become unrecognizable, he will head off towards new horizons, new encounters… a new life!