Missione di soccorso

Series: Legs

N°: 114

Frequency: monthly

Missione di soccorso

Introduction: The S.I.M. mercenaries are on the tracks of Legs and Janet… And someone very close to them is going to get bumped off!

Release: 11/05/2005





Subject and Script: Stefano Vietti
Artwork: Francesco Rizzato
Cover: Mario Atzori

Colonel Hurley once again treads a path that leads him to encounter our heroines. The S.I.M. officer is as determined as ever to continue waging his personal battle against Janet Blaise and all those who helped her escape from the satellite-prison of the Army Secret Service. To further pursue his hostile aims, he even goes so far as to hire ruthless bounty hunters: gigantic John Rourke, alluring Ryta Lopez and treacherous Mr. Foreman. The three are supposed to be under orders to capture the fugitives alive, but…