Il taccuino rosso

Series: Legs

N°: 110

Frequency: monthly

Il taccuino rosso

Introduction: An inquiry interrupted by the death of a journalist sets Legs on the tracks of the mysterious “1984” organization.

Release: 11/01/2005





Subject and Script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Maurizio Gradin and Mario Atzori
Cover: Mario Atzori

The body of journalist Thomas Ferguson is found in an abandoned quarry. Among the members of the team sent to carry away the dead body there’s one John Field, a technician working for Emergency Relief and Disaster Management, who accidentally comes into possession of a diary that belonged to the victim. John discovers that the diary contains some notes on the inquiry into a mysterious organization known as “1984”, said to be involved in numerous military coups and all sorts of international intrigue… Lory Weller, a colleague of the deceased journalist, contacts Leg and Janet to get them to shed some light on the murder…