Vite in gioco

Series: Legs

N°: 108

Frequency: monthly

Vite in gioco

Introduction: Strange deaths and inexplicable behavior are clues allowing Legs to uncover the rules of a lethal game!

Release: 10/11/2004




Script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Davide Perconti
Cover: Mario Atzori

It all began a few years ago, in the city of Everville, with a traffic accident in which Mr Tyrrel lost his life. After his car careered down over the edge of a precipitous embankment, a woman who was trying to come to his aid noticed a small case packed with dollar bills in a farmhouse not far off. But there’s something strange about this accident: the whole scene was watched on screens located in a mysterious control room, where the unfolding events apparently generated a remarkable level of enthusiasm. Some years later, Tyrrell’s wife hires Legs and tells her a story that has every appearance of being absolutely absurd: her husband’s death was part of the crazy mechanism of a prize draw, a sort of lottery that offered the chance to win astronomic sums, but which also involved the possibility of a “malus”, a sort of “negative prize”…. your life hung in the balance!