L'impronta del diavolo

Series: Brendon

N°: 80

L'impronta del diavolo

Introduction: To put an end to Madison's nightmares, Brendon will have to go back to the place that originated them!

Barcode: 977112688700410080

Release: 20/08/2011





Plot and script: Claudio Chiaverotti
Artwork: Corrado Roi
Cover: Massimo Rotundo

Madison’s past resurfaced from the abyss of memory where it lied buried, and with it horrible recollections, but also the face of a forgotten friend... What happened to Garp? Will they find some traces of him in an abandoned orphanage? What secrets are hidden inside the building that hosted the children; and what links the Arkonts and the Metabaron to that place and the killer who spreaded terror there? And will Tadeus get there in time to warn Brendon against the ruthless and crazy murderers who are following him?