La sposa in nero

Series: Brendon

N°: 79

Frequency: Bimonthly

La sposa in nero

Introduction: Welcome to Darkdom, Brendon! A place a few steps away from Hell!

Barcode: 977112688700410079

Release: 18/06/2011





Plot and script: Claudio Chiaverotti
Artwork: Corrado Roi
Cover: Massimo Rotundo

In the streets of Old Canterbury, Brendon helps a dying woman. With her last breath, the girl laboriously whispers a few strange words that seem to be a declaration of love, sealed by a kiss to the Knight Errant. The girl name was Madison Fair, and for Brendon this meeting will be the first stop on a journey to the gates of Darkdom, a gloomy place on the brink of Hell!