Il Popolo delle Foreste

Series: Jonathan Steele

N°: 46

Frequency: monthly

Il Popolo delle Foreste

Introduction: The depths of the forest conceal the hideout of creatures capable of using as their weapon… the forest itself!

Release: 31/12/2002





Plot and script: Federico Memola
Artwork: Sergio Giardo
Cover: Giancarlo Olivares

During the long adventure that awaits them, Jonathan, Jasmine and Myriam will find themselves wandering around in the mysterious lands of Talahar. Here they will make the acquaintance of strange supernatural characters and creatures (genies of fire, wolf-men, woodland nymphs, blood-thirsty divinities) and cross the stormy Sea of Mists, finally reaching the shores of the blasted island of Amra, where they come upon the corrupt city of Al-Saran…