Odissea nell'ignoto

Series: Jonathan Steele

N°: 45

Frequency: monthly

Odissea nell'ignoto

Introduction: Caught up in a whirl of adventures and unexpected developments that immerse them in a reign of the fantastic, our friends discover that one can even die from fables!

Release: 30/11/2002





Plot and script: Federico Memola
Artwork: Gino Vercelli
Cover: Giancarlo Olivares

A new, incredible adventure is about to begin: catapulted into an unknown world, Jonathan, Myriam and Jasmine set out on a long journey in search of a lost friend, who will lead our heroes into the mysterious lands of Talahar, inspired by the fascinating world of the “Thousand and one nights”. Here, they will make the acquaintance of strange characters and supernatural creatures, cross oceans and deserts, land on islands that have a curse on them and arrive in corrupt cities, facing dangers and threats of all kinds…