Un Ranger in pericolo

Series: Tutto Tex

N°: 442

Frequency: monthly

Un Ranger in pericolo

Barcode: 977112157100780442

Release: 22/01/2008





Plot and script: Claudio Nizzi
Artwork: Victor De La Fuente
Cover: Claudio Villa

Having entered Odessa after eliminating the hired assassins sent by Kinkaid, Tex and Carson try to convince Vera Lopez, Kinkaid’s partner in a saloon, to go over to the side of the Law. However, the woman is threatened by Ketchum and chooses to do a double cross. But the pards are not taken in: they catch Sid Ketchum again and force him to reveal that the band is concealed with the Springfields in an abandoned mine. Kinkaid, having escaped our heroes’ attack, dies pumped full of lead after the clash between the cavalry and his Comanches.

Friday 1 August 1997

Friday 1 December 2000

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