Polizia a cavallo

Series: Tutto Tex

N°: 432

Frequency: monthly

Polizia a cavallo

Barcode: 977112157100770432

Release: 20/03/2007





Plot and script: Guido Nolitta
Artwork: Alberto Giolitti (Gilbert) and Giovanni Ticci
Cover: Claudio Villa

While Tiger Jack heals at the Mac Dougals’ ranch, the pards follow the trail of Jason Ducaux’ extremely ferocious Wolfers, a group of violent wolf hunters that have taken over the Canadian trading post of Fort Whoop-Up. They have hung the stars and stripes over it and have started a traffic of pestilential whiskey with which they poison the Indians, obtaining valuable goods in exchange. Having met Jim Brandon of the Redcoats, the rangers explain that they are in Canada on a secret mission on behalf of the American government with the objective of routing the dangerous outlaws.

Tuesday 1 October 1996

Tuesday 1 February 2000

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