L'alba del Novecento - Adam Wild 24 cover

Series: Adam Wild

N°: 24

Frequency: monthly

L'alba del Novecento

Introduction: A mindless massacre, right at the dawn of a new century!

Barcode: 977238503300360024

Release: 06/09/2016





In Spioenkop, at the beginning of the new century, the Anglo-Boer War spirals into an absurd bloodbath, a foreboding of the dire clashes of WWI. On the battlefield, Adam meets two great characters that will mark the 20th century: Sir Winston Churchill and Gandhi. But here, future blends with past. Lady Winter accuses Adam as a traitor. But the military authorities think that the woman's actions are moved by her own personal resentment towards Adam. A mysterious murder and the stormy relationship between the young woman and Adam, who has just got back to England after the Zulu War, resurface like old, still-open wounds.