I Nemici - Morgan Lost

His enemies

Who is Morgan Lost?

Mad and bloodthirsty... homicidal superstars, living between the shadow of Evil and the blinding lights of fame: these are the enemies of Morgan Lost!

The main institution in the city is the Temple of Bureaucracy, run by the General Manager. A 7-foot giant, he’s the most powerful man of New Heliopolis, but he suffers from a disease that makes him vulnerable to every kind of microbe. He’s forced to be confined to a sterilized 1000-square foot apartment, full of works of art as mad and terrifying as the man himself..

The General Manager

Wallendream. An endless number of crimes, perpetrated with weapons of every kind, and a 13,000 (and counting...) Eurodollar reward, make this killer with an unnerving smile the “rockstar” among New Heliopolis’ serial killers.


Mister Sandman. A perverted creature who apparently surfaces from an upbeat song, beyond the barrier between life and death. His murders follow his own crazy pattern, in a scheme that also involves Morgan Lost.

Mister Sandman

The Rabbits: a married couple of masked killers, who look like the characters of a highly-praised underground comic book... But the real Rabbits kill!

The Rabbits

The ghosts: Morgan Lost "sees" the serial killers he eliminated, as they surface from the sea. Sometimes he speaks to them, but the ghosts just watch him, with a hard, cold stare, uttering no words.

The Ghosts.