My name is Morgan Lost

Who is Morgan Lost?

In New Heliopolis, Evil has a new enemy! But who is Morgan Lost? His past is shrouded into mystery...

Morgan Lost is a serial-killer hunter and lives in a what is called a “uchronia”: a 1950s New York City, where the sky is peppered with dirigible airships, while the buildings show ancient Egyptian architectural features. The name of this city is New Heliopolis.

Being color-blind, Morgan Lost sees the reality around him in shades of grey and red only—the same colors of the pages in his albums. It is a way to create a three-dimensionality of sorts: we read the stories in grey and red nuances, just as if we were seeing the world through Morgan Lost’s eyes.

Morgan Lost has been the owner of an art movie theater, and the only violence he’d ever met was in the films he showed there. He would have never imagined that a night gone wrong could change his life forever, and destroy him. After a slow and painful rebirth, a time full of suffering, he came back to life as a hunter of killers.