Call me Lukas

Call me Lukas

Who is Lukas

Back from the grave, without a name and any memories: who is the mysterious Awakened that roams the streets of the big city?


In the streets of a megalopolis, secretly owned by the sect of the Reawakened – people who came back from the dead, hungry for human flesh –, there is a Rewakened man who’s different from everybody else. After coming back from the grave without a name, he goes under the name Lukas.

Lukas feels something similar to empathy, because from the darkness surrounding his past some memories of his real life surface. And he’s disgusted by the idea of eating human flesh. He’s a lone wolf, that wants to live outside of the pack and also has the illusion of living a normal life. He met a very normal woman: Bianca works in an advertising agency, has split from her husband and has two teenaged kids, Brian and Jessica.

Lukas fantasize about leaving the city with Bianca, to start again on yet another life. He dreams about normalcy, and a common everyday life spent in the open.

If he could remember all of his past, though, Lukas wouldn’t be looking for light. He will go back in hiding, if he knew the reason of the fierce hunt that Wilda Belsen – the ruthless Reawakened leader – unleashed against him... 

Lukas will have to fight to protect his dream. And for the life of his loved ones...