The creator of Jan Dix


Brief biography of Carlo Ambrosini

CARLO AMBROSINI born in Azzano Mella (Brescia), April 15, 1954.
His debut in the world of comics happens in 1976, when he works as an artist for the war tales published by Casa editrice Dardo. He works for Ediperiodici and Editoriale Corno, before drawing a few episodes of the comic book adaptation of Enzo Biagi’s "Storia d’Italia a fumetti". In 1980 Ambrosini begins to work as an artist for Sergio Bonelli Editore, drawing seven episodes of Ken Parker. In 1984, he’s writer-artist for the Middle-Ages series "Nico Macchia", published by magazine "Orient Express" and subsequently collected in a book by Glénat Italia. In 1987 he begins working on Dylan Dog, creating a few episodes, like "Dietro il sipario" and "Il guardiano della memoria", which he also writes the scripts for. In 1997, Ambrosini creates his first character for Sergio Bonelli Editore, Napoleone, hero of a bimonthly mini-series that came to en end in 2007. He’s now working on his new mini-series, “Jan Dix”, whose first issue will be published in May 2008.